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Bi-weekly assignment that I am the most proud of

I really loved the bi-weekly that we worked on this year and wish that I could just do one more bi-weekly. Even though I would forget about the blog post every time. I had bi-weekly that were just not good at all. I think that the ones that were the best were the photos that I had taken in one day. When I took photos over time I would not have a good theme. When I did the bi-weekly in a day or 3-5 hours I would get down my idea in the photos that I took. I am probably most proud of the doors and windows that was Roya's idea. I had gone to Boston for a day a couple days after I had gotten the doors/windows assignment and I thought it would be really fun to take all these doors and window photos all over Boston. Boston has many doors and windows and different types of styles. Modern and traditional mix. I love taking photos of architecture so the chance to do this specific theme was fun for me.

We had another doors and windows biweekly due after we came back from Manhattan and thes…

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