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NYC Trip

Reflection  One of my highlights of the trip was walking around the city to take pictures of daily life was and what it was like on a weekend and a weekday. I used both my camera and my iPhone X. I got to test out the features on the iPhone X in portrait mode to take a photo which had changed the original photo. I liked going to the Statue of Liberty to witness up close what Lady Liberty looked like while also getting great skyline photos even with a seagull in it. When we went to the Brooklyn Bridge there were so many perspectives to take a picture. One of those was when I put my camera on the ground and it had an ants view of perspective. Another one was when I took a picture of the side of the bridge that has the traffic coming from Brooklyn and or going to Manhattan. I want to remember the Statue of Liberty because I got to be on the water which I had not been on for a while and I got to talk to family members and show them this amazing place. I also got to witness it my self which…

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